Tru Natural Liquid Handwash

Size: 200ml
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True Natural Liquid Handwash Soap 

Available in 200ml & 500ml Bottles (200ml comes with recyclable pump)

  • 100% NATURAL

Your hands need help.

Relief for hands irritated by the synthetic detergents, fragrances and preservatives usually found in most liquid soaps.  Scientifically formulated with soothing natural Borage oil and Vitamin E to support hard working hands

Say “Goodbye” to Detergent Dermatitis.

First Aid for your Hands

Did you know that most liquid soaps contain synthetic detergents, preservatives and fragrances which can cause dermatitis and eczema? Some are no more than fancy washing up liquid.  Others contain a chemical called CAPB (cocamidopropyl betaine) Allergen of the Year 2004

Could this be why YOUR hands are itchy, raw and cracked?

Synthetic – Free

Tru Natural Liquid Soap is made with natural Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, soothing GLA- rich Borage Oil and antioxidant Vitamin E to provide a soap that removes germs, viruses and grime gently and thoroughly.

The Tru Natural range of Liquid Soaps, Shampoo and Body Creams from Marble Hill are 100% free from synthetic Detergents, Preservatives and Fragrances and can be used by all age groups and skin types, particularly if you are sensitive to these chemicals.

Less drying than detergents, hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

Use Tru Natural to give your skin a rest.

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