Neem Oil Soap Off Cuts

Title: Health Scrub Bar Off Cut
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Soap Off Cuts

Because we use the cold processing method when producing our handcrafted soaps there are invariably ‘off cuts’ these have the exact same ingredients as our top grade soaps but may be under 100grm are shaped differently or have a different appearance. By buying an off cut you will still be receiving quality Marble Hill soaps but because of size or shape you will be taking advantage of the reduced price, a full 30% discount on our normal bars is what we sell our off cuts at. So whether it’s a Health Scrub or Neem Oil or both, ‘off cuts’ is a great way to try these great soaps. Each bar will be sent in plain packaging and weigh no less than 80grm but in the majority of cases will be more.

An excellent introduction to the quality and benefits that our 100% handmade and all Natural soaps have been bringing to our customers since 2006

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