LadsFest Festival Stag Do Party Wristbands

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LADSFEST Festival Stag Do Party Wristbands

These awesome LADS FEST PARTY wristbands are a must have for any festival loving lads having a party, a weekend away or a stag party and want a cool party / stag party accessory that isn't over the top.

These LADS FEST Festival style wristbands can be used for stag do's and stag parties but they are generic so they can be actual used for any gathering of the lads whether it is a weekend away, celebrating a birthday, a big night out, a party, a weekend at a festival or a stag do as well as many other celebrations.

Just like proper festival style wristbands these LADSFEST festival party wristbands make a great accessory for lads who want an awesome party accessory or stag party accessory for their group weekend.

The main text on the wristbands reads 'LADS FEST' with 'LADS LADS LADS' and 'LET'S PARTY' on the tails. They are in a super cool funky multi-coloured colour scheme and look awesome.

The LADSFEST Party Wristbands are sold individually and the price is per x 1 wristband so just order as many as you need for your crew.


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