HOMEFEST Festival Themed Party VIP Lanyards

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HomeFest Festival Themed Party at Home VIP Pass Lanyard Favours ~ lockdown party ~ GLASTHOMEBURY

If you are Planning a festival themed party at home or in your garden themed party then you need festival style lanyard VIP passes for your guests!
If you don't want to invest in custom made neck lanyards or VIP passes, or maybe there only is a small number of people attending your party? Either way these super cool festival style HOMEFEST Lanyards are perfect for your Festival Party at Home.
These homefest lanyards match perfectly with our HOMEFEST Festival Party Wristbands.
These HOME FEST Festival party VIP Pass Lanyards are totally generic so they can be used for any type of festival party at home, whether it is celebrating a birthday, a summer party, a garden fete, a hen party, a stag party, a pre wedding party, a new home or just a house party for your family and friends.
The vip pass lanyards have a festival theme so they are great for anyone wanting to get a small number of festival style lanyards as party favours for their party guests.
The text on the lanyards reads HOMEFEST at the top with 'Live at Home' below that. There then is a space for you to hand write in your party guest names. Below this a large VIP.
On the reverse side is the text HOUSE PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG and EAT, DRINK, DANCE, ENJOY!
The neck lanyards follow the same HOMEFEST design and colour scheme printed throughout the neck strap.
These HOMEFEST VIP lanyards are the perfect party favour to bring a bit of festival magic to your birthday party.
Cost is per 1 x lanyard, just order as many or little as you need.

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