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Super-charge your wardrobe with this racing-red Fernabbey tee.

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Stock & Availability

Whilst we aim to keep a few of each design printed and ready to ship, this can be challenging due to popularity and demand. However (good news) we do carry 'blank' tees in many of colours and sizes.

The 'Print To Order' feature basically tells us to 'do wan' for you.  It's EXACTLY the same as buying it - except with a wee delay to sort. (Typically 5-7 days)

Sizing & Fit

Our adult tees are unisex medium fit. See our sizing chart for more info.

Kids Sizes/Colours

Children's tees are generally only available 'Print To Order' - so please factor this in when purchasing.   

Also, some kids tees may not be exactly the same colour as the adult tee illustrated.  In this case we'll either use an approximate, similar colour or (when required), offer you a neutral alternative. (i.e. on black, grey, white etc)

Our Ethos

All our tees are made with 100% organic cotton.  They are ethically made, using no harmful chemicals, in conditions that are for good both the environment and the workforce.  We hope you'll cherish your Pure Derry Tee for years to come knowing it was sound to both people and the planet. 

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