Bio Scents Oil Burner

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Bio Scents Oil Burner

Both essential oils and wax melts are amazing to use with an oil burner to fragrance your room in a natural way. Our ceramic oil burners were designed by us and are hand made in small batches in an art studio in Portugal.

We have carefully designed them in a minimalistic style, to fit your modern interior and to both suitable for our wax melts and essential oils.

Our oil burner in combination with an essential oil or a box of wax melts make the perfect gift!

How to use an oil burner?
If you're using essential oils, just add a layer of water in the cup of the oil burner, and add 3-10 drops of essential oil, depending on your preference. Place a tealight inside the oil burner and place in the centre of your room.

If you're using wax melts, just place a wax melt in the cup of the oil burner, place a tealight inside the oil burner and place the burner in the centre of your room. If your wax melt doesn't fragrance anymore, just add an extra couple drops of essential oils to the wax while it's hot, to re-fragrance the wax.


Please note that although our oil burners are perfect for our wax melts, our wax melts aren't suitable for every oil burner. We use pure rapeseed wax, which has a much higher melting temperature than beeswax or paraffin wax, so the top of the burner needs to become (and stay) a lot hotter than for other waxes. If the cup of your oil burner is too far away from the or the burner has too many holes for the heat to escape, the wax won't stay melted and will become a little popcorn-lookalike.


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